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Hints and Tips

We understand applying for jobs and going through any recruitment and selection process can be daunting, but there are several actions you can take to give yourself the best chance of success.

We need to assess you against the job requirements but remember that you need to make a choice here too – take the opportunity to ask questions and be sure that if you are offered a role in Camden, it is the kind of place you want to work.

Take a look at our hints and tips - good luck!


  • Spend some time thinking about whether the job is really suitable for you. For instance, ask yourself where you feel comfortable with the Camden Way and whether the job interests you.
  • Read through your application form and the relevant job documentation again. You may want to research the subject area or service you are applying for. Our Camden website has lots of useful information and links.
  • Assess yourself against the job requirements. Be honest with yourself, and review your experience and expertise against the requirements.
  • For the interview, try to anticipate what questions may be asked. The interviewers will usually ask questions related to the requirements of the job and the Camden Way behaviours.
  • Have extra examples prepared. Consider the job you are applying for and think about the issues and responsibilities that might be related to that job. Practice some interviewing with your colleagues, friends or even family members.
  • Make sure all practical arrangements are clear so that you do not arrive feeling flustered or unprepared.
  • Make sure you bring with you anything you might need during the assessment, such as reading glasses.

If you have any special requirements or if you are still unsure about the selection process and need further clarification, please contact us in advance to discuss the best ways to meet your needs.

Don’t make assumptions about the way you should respond. If you try and guess what the selection panel is looking for, you may be wrong. It is usually best to be yourself, and respond honestly. Remember that it’s not in your interest to get a job to which you are not well suited.


Regardless of whether or not you have been successful in the recruitment process, you will be able to request feedback on your performance. This may give you a clearer insight into your strengths and areas of improvement as well as your future development areas.